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Nov 18 2008

Opportunity Of Your Life

This is your opportunity; this is your turn,
Look inside yourself and see.
Says Kabir, you can win or lose,
I have proclaimed this over and over again.

Kabir Sahib, Adi Granth

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Nov 17 2008

Meditate On The Lord

You have wandered through many births and are exhausted
But have still not found a way out of this cycle
Now that you have obtained this body, meditate on the Lord.

Guru Nanak, Adi Granth

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Nov 17 2008

Love Is Everything

Love courses through everything,
No, Love is everything.
How can you say, there is no love,
When nothing but Love exists ?
All that you sess has appeared because of Love,
All shines from Love,
All pulses from Love,
All flows from Love –
No, once again all is Love.

Fakhruddin Araqi, as quoted in Words on Love and Caring

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Nov 17 2008

Signs Of His Grace

He shutters your house of human existence;
This is the sign of the Lord’s Advent.

He deprives you of all possessions
As though, beside himself, nothing were of value;
This is the mark of the Lord’s charity.

He banishes your desires and casts out the ego;
Such is the sign of the Lord’s divine favour.

He makes you speechless to save you from untruth;
This is the sign of the Lord’s benevolence.

He cuts the veil of illusion,
And makes you realize his omnipresence:
Such is the sign of the Lord’s mercy.

The Lord by force has occupied Tuka’s home,
And blessed him with all signs of his grace.

Tukaram Saint Of Maharashtra

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Nov 16 2008

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Nov 13 2008

The Pursuit Of Happiness And Peace Of Mind

What is the purpose of our life ?
What are we really seeking ?
Are we looking for money, position, relationship, and other worldly things ?
What we really aim are peace of mind and happiness
Our soul and mind need peace of mind and happiness

But we choose the wrong goals
We are looking for money, position, worldly relationship, and other worldly things
We are looking for worldly desire and needs
We are confuse with our wants and needs
We lose our objectives of peace of mind and happiness
Yes, without money, we will find difficulties
But with money only, we still can achieve peace of mind and happiness
What we need is a balance life

It is important to keep the balance of our life
We must keep the real objectives of our life
And keep focus on this objectives
We must live in balance between material and spiritual
And achieve our goals : Peace Of Mind and Happiness

Through praying and meditation we can keep our balance
And get Divine Love from God
Divine love from within give us Happiness and Peace Of Mind

Baba Ji : The Pursuit Of Happiness And Peace Of Mind

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Aug 14 2008

Happiness : What is we really need

When we are healthy,

We have so many needs,

We want these and we want those,

And we are disappointed,

When we cannot get some of them.

But when we are sick,

And lay on our bed,

We realize that we just need only one thing,

We want to be healthy again.

When we become healthy again,

We feel so happy,

Actually this is what we need,

And we promise to ourselves,

To use this body as good as we can.

The same thing happened,

When we have a lot of money,

We want these and we want those.

And we are disappointed,

When we cannot get some of them.

But when our money gone,

We realize that we just need one thing,

We want our pocket filled with money again.

When we have money again,

We feel so happy,

And we promise to ourselves,

To use the money as good as we can.

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Jul 09 2008

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  • Health
  • Contentment

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