Mar 28 2009

Life Is A Dream, Word Is A Reality

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This whole play is but a one-night-dream
and  I have woken you up.
This body is false, as is the illusion of existence,
as is the mind charmed by this falsehood.

Soami Ji, Sar Bachan Poetry

What is life? A frenzy?
What is life? An illusion,
A shadow, a fiction,
… that everything in life is a dream,
and dreams are just dreams.

Calderon de la Barca, Life Is a Dream

The rich man dreams in his riches…
The poor man dreams that he is enduring
Misery and poverty;…
And in the World, to conclude,
Everyone is dreaming what they are,
And none of them understands.

Calderon de la Barca, Life Is a Dream

Dream is real when one is dreaming.
Only when he awakens or comes into the other (conscious) state
and compares the two states,
he calls the conscious the real, and the dream the unreal or an illusion.
When the attention leaves the physical plan,
enters the astral, and compares the two,
only then the physical world becomes unreal,
and the astral the real.

Maharaj Sawan Singh – Spiritual Gems

A disciple met with his Master to discuss the nature of liberation
and to ask about the position adopted by those who attain it.
The disciple asked:
“Master, how is it possible that a liberated human being can remain at peace
when faced with the tragedies suffered by humanity?”
The Master took the hands of the disciple in his and said:
“Imagine that you are sleeping and that you dream
that you are in a bouat with a lot of other passengers.
Suddenly the boat hits a rock and starts to sink.
In your distress you wake up.
Would you go back to sleep in order to warn the other passengers
that the bouat is sinking?”

Compiled by Ramiro Calle, 101 Cuentos Clasicos de la India

Let the dying year with all its memories and regrets,
pleasant and unpleasant,
bring to us the impermanence and unreality of what we behold,
and strengthen our resolve to rise above the phenomenal existence
and reach the glories of the Word, the Nam that was, is, and will be.

Maharaj Jagat Singh – The Science of the Soul

If the life as we know is only a dream, then what is reality? In the Bible we can read :

In the beginning was the Word,
and the World was with God, and the word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made by him;
and without him was not any thing made that was made.

Bible, John 1:3

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