Jan 15 2009

Human Is The Highest Creation In This World

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All the living things that we see in the world
can be divided into five groups.
If we can see them on a ladder,
it would look like this.

Humans are on the top step because we are able
to understand that we are soul drops, not just actors.
And because of a wonderful secret you’ll soon discover…

Animals are on the fourth step.
They are lower than humans because they are not able
to realize that they are soul drops.

Birds are on the third step.
Though they are free to fly,
they are less clever than animals.

Fish, Reptiles, Insects, and Worms
are on te second step.
They are less clever than birds.

Plants are down at the bottom.
They are lowest form of life.
They cannot think and are rooted to one place.

Quote from The Journey Of The Soul

Note :
Humans have five active elements, i.e.: earth, water, fire, air, ether.
Animals have four active elements.
Birds have three active elements.
Fish, reptiles, insects, and worms have two active elements.
Plants have one active elements, i.e: water.

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