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A. MATERIAL CREATION OR PIND contains six planes of subtle matter, Khat Chakra, i.e.: the six focuses or ganglions in the body or matter :

1. Guda Chakra – four petalled lotus – God Ganesh – focus at rectum – Earth Element

2. Indri-Chakra – six-petalled lotus – God Brahma – focus at reproduction – Water Element

3. Nabhi Chakra – eight-petalled lotus -God Vishnu – focus at navel – Fire Element

4. Hriday Chakra – twelve-petalled lotus – God Shiv – focus at heart – Air Element

5. Kanth Chakra – sixteen-petalled lotus – Goddess Shakti – focus at throat – Ether Element

6. Do-dal Kanwal – two-petalled lotus – Focus behind the two eyes

Tisra Til – Third Eye Focus – the seat of the soul in the waking condition.

So man if act as the son of God, in the waking state, is above all those gods and goddesses. But if his consciousness sleeps and falls down, than he will not realize about this condition.

B. MATERIO-SPIRITUAL CREATION contains two chief planes, i.e.:

7. Niranjan Desh or Turiya Pad or Sahansdal Kanwal that means a thousand-petalled lotus – which can be reach after crossing a starry sky, sun, and moon, lies in the astral plane. There are three veins here, the left, the right, and the middle, called, ira, Pingala, and Sushumna. The True Path lies in the Sushumna. If we do meditation, we must concentrate our attention in Sushumna.

8. Brahm-Lok or Om or Causal world is the second stage and top of Materio-spiritual creation. Here is the four-petalled lotus. Om contains the seed of all knowledge and karmas. The reserve store of our karmas, i.e., Sanchit karmas, is also here.

This stage is technically called Trikuti, not only because it has that shape, but also because it is the ultimate origin of the three Gunas or qualities, i.e.:Sat, Raj and Tam – whose function is to create, support, and destroy this world.

C. PURELY SPIRITUAL CREATION may be divided into two main parts :

c.1. Below Sat-Lok
c.2. Sat-Lok and above it

c.1. Below Sat-Lok :

9. Parbrahm :
To reach this transcendent plane, the soul has to put off all covers physical, astral, and causal, and freed from all delusion and ignorance.

Parbrahm stage is purely spiritual, beyong good and evil, beyond morality, and relativity. It is also known as Daswan Duar, i.e.: Tenth Door, beyond the nine doors of the lower creation up to Brahm or Om.

10. Maha Sunn : The region above Par Brahm and upper region of Daswan Duar

11. Sohang :
Next stage above Parbrahn is Sohang. Sohang means what thou art, the same am I.

c.2 Sat Lok and Above it :
12. Sat Lok :
As soon as the souls cross the boundary or Sohang, we reach in Satlok which is our true Home. Sat Lok is also termed as Sach Khand.

Above Sat Lok are Alakh Lok, Agam Lok, and Anami Lok or final stage. Anami means nameless.

All of these four stages, from Sat Lok to Anami Lok, are beyond Dissolution, and consist of the ultimate essence of pure Spirituality.

We hope this information would be useful and give benefit for you. Thank You.

Your friend :
Aleysius H. Gondosari

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