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Nov 21 2008

Worry And Faith In The Goodness Of God

Your worrying shows that you have no faith in the goodness of God
Or even in God himself.
Let Him accomplish things in His own way
Rather than in the way that you desire.
Try to adjust yourself to all that He does
And you will never be unhappy.

Maharaj Jagat Singh, Science of the Soul

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Nov 20 2008

Worry And Meditation

As a rule, concentration becomes difficult when we have cares and worries,
For then the attention sticks to the heart centre instead of rising up to the eye centre.
We should take the right steps to meet the situation,
So far as it lies in our power,
And then worry no more …
When you sit for your meditation,
Firmly banish all cares and anxieties
For the time being at least.

Maharaj Jagat Singh, The Science of the Soul

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Nov 19 2008

Mind, Worry, Meditation, Happiness

You unnecessarily imagine things and then worry yourself over them.
This is exactly what the mind is always doing….
This is one of the tricks by which the mind keeps us away from meditation
And also remain itself unhappy and restless.

Maharaj Ji, Quest For Light

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Nov 19 2008

What Is There To Worry?

A lady whose son was flying to Europe for studies approached the Master and said,
“Sir, I am very worried these days.”
Master inquired the cause of her worry.
She said,”My son is flying to Europe for further studies tomorrow.”
Master just smiled a little (there was always a laugh on his lips) and said,
“Well, what is there to worry? Is it his flying or further studies or tomorrow?”
The lady also laughed and said,”Sir, my heart sinks when I think of the dangers of flying.”
Master:”Why not think the comfort, convenience and quick arrival at the destination?”

The Master remarked,”This is how man creates worries for himself.
Ninety-nine-percent of our worries are self created and quite groundless.”
He quoted a line from Shakespeare,
which says that the dread of a coming misfortune makes us more miserable
than the actual misfortune,
which may come or may not come at all.

Maharaj Jagat Singh, The Science of the Soul

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Nov 19 2008

Worry And The World

No article in this world,
Nor friends nor relations go with us;
Even our body does not accompany us after death.
Then why worry about those who will not accompany us?
Your anxieties and worries pull you down….
The worry should be to reach the eye center
And make it one’s home,
and meet the radiant form of the Master that pulls up,
So that there is no birth hereafter, and no worries.

Great Master, Spiritual Gems

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