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Nov 20 2008

Easy To Be Happy

Give up the habit of worrying and losing your temper.
It is easy to be happy and laughing;
In fact, easier than it is to fret and frown.
God does not want us to be unhappy…
Have faith in his goodness and grace
And try to keep remembrance of God on your lips at all times.

Maharaj Ji, Divine Light

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Nov 18 2008

Happiness And Remembering God

HAPPINESS increases as we get closer to God,
The centre of our being.
The ultimate happiness is to be so close that we are one with Him,
But we can experience a less complete happiness well before that moment.
Merely by turning our face towards Him –
Which is another way of saying by remembering Him –
At every possible moment in our life,
We become attuned to Him
And experience HAPPINESS.

Maharaj Ji, Spiritual Link Nov 2008

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