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Dec 30 2008

The Second Chakra In Yoga : Indri-Chakra

Indri-Chakra is a six-petalled lotus, and the place of God Brahma. It is also called Swad Chakra, i.e.: Pleasure center, or Swadhishthan; its focus is at the organ or reproduction, and it represents the creative power. Therefore, it is said that Brahma creates the whole universe. Its light is yellowish; it is the seat of Pani Tatt, i.e.: Water Element, the second element of 5 elements, and the second stage of Yogis, who repeat the word Onkar here.

At this stage, Sushumna vein which is called Kundalini or Nagini, i.e.: she-serpent has to be turned in its direction to be joined with the spinal cord, (which, like the grand trunk road, connects all these stages), begore its power can be awakened, brought under control and utilized. That yoga which aims at doing this has been called Kundalini Yoga.

Pleasure center is a six-petalled lotus;
Behold thou God Brahma and goddess Savitri.
Take thou a somersault and strike at the head
of the she-serpent, i.e. Kundalini.
The recitation here is Onkar.

Kabir Sahib

This Chakra gets inner energy from the next higher, i.e. Nabhi Chakra.

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Dec 13 2008

The First Chakra In Yoga : Guda Chakra

Guda Chakra is the first chakra, which is a four-petalled lotus.

It is also called Adhar Chakr.

This is the place of God Ganesh or Ganpati.

Its focus is at the rectum, and the light is reddish.

It is the seat of Prithvi Tatt or Earth element, the first element of five elements.

It is also the seat of Mul Kanwal or the first stage of Yogis,

who do the repetition of the word Kaling here.

First is the four-petalled lotus;

Kaling is the repetition and red its color.

God Ganesh is the presiding deity,

On whom Ridhis and Sidhis (supernatural powers) wave the Chauri.

Kabir Sahib

At this stage a man’s will-power is strengthened, so that he can do his work with a set mind, and thus his chances of success in his undertakings are enhanced, but beyond that there is no spiritual enlightenment here.

Man is like an inverted tree; its root, so to speak is in the brain, wherefrom all energy inner energy comes that sustains the lower centers. The farther a center from the brain, the less shall its power be. Each center supports the next lower. This Chakra therefore sustained by the next higher center, i.e: indri Chakra.

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