Mar 28 2009

Life Is A Dream, Word Is A Reality

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This whole play is but a one-night-dream
and  I have woken you up.
This body is false, as is the illusion of existence,
as is the mind charmed by this falsehood.

Soami Ji, Sar Bachan Poetry Continue Reading »

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Mar 21 2009

What Is Love?

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You live that you may learn to love.
You love that you may learn to live.
No other lesson is required of Man.

Mikhail Naimy, The Book of Mirdad Continue Reading »

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Mar 14 2009

Human Body Is The Living Temple And Cathedral

Published by under Human Body

Your physical body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who in you

1 Corinthians 6:19 Continue Reading »

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Mar 07 2009

Oh Lord! Wake Me Up

Published by under Wake Up

Oh Lord! Wake me up again and again.
Not once but many times, you must wake me up.
I try to wake up in every life but I sleep,
I stumble, then I try to balance my self and again I fall.
I need kicks, I need awakening and I need your love.

Prayer from Yajurved, translated by H.C. Grover

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Mar 01 2009

Positive Thinking

Give to me, O Lord, a steadfast heart
Which no unworthy affection may drag downwards.
Give me an unconquered heart
which no tribulation can wear out. Continue Reading »

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Feb 20 2009

The Longing Of The Soul To Go Back To God

Published by under Father,GOD,Longing,Soul

Listen to the story told by the reed,

of being separated.

“Since I was cut from tht reed bed,

I have made this crying sound. Continue Reading »

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Feb 12 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day 14 February 2009. Continue Reading »

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Jan 26 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2560

May God Bless all of us with

Happiness Continue Reading »

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Jan 15 2009

Human Is The Highest Creation In This World

All the living things that we see in the world
can be divided into five groups.
If we can see them on a ladder,
it would look like this. Continue Reading »

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Jan 14 2009

Our Soul Is A Prisoner

At present, our soul is firstly a prisoner in the triple-walled fortress of the physical, astral, and causal bodies. Then the chains of mind, maya, the three gunas, five tattvas, and the twenty-five prakritis bind it down woefully. Lust, greed, anger, vanity, pride, attachment, and passion have made a slave of the soul. Continue Reading »

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